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[Recruitment SAGS] Matt Harris

on Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:26 pm

1. NAME IRL: Pratama Okta Vianus

2. AGE IRL: 15

3. ADDRESS IRL: Sumatra Utara, Medan , Simpang kuala, Padang bulan


5. HOW MANY HOURS A DAY CAN PLAY? Would IN A WEEK IF YOU DO NOT ONLINE WILL KICK FROM faction SAGS? I can play 24 hours in a day, and i f im not online in a week you can kick me.


1. NICK: Matt Harris

2. AGE: 30

3. GENDER: Male

4. DATE OF BIRTH: 1887

5. Citizenship: San Andreas, Los Santos

6. HEIGHT: 176

7. WEIGHT: 76


9. SCHOOL UNTIL: Bachelor of Laws, S2

10. STORY CHARACTER: Matt Harris is a son of Calvert Harris, Matt Harris was born in 1887 in Los Angeles, Matt Harris is a smart kid and diligent in doing his job, Matt Harris is a favorite child's father and mother, Matt Harris sat at the primary school in 1994 Elementary school Los Angeles, he was loved by friends schoolmates and even teachers are also very fond of her because it is good and sincere, Matt Harris getting rank 1 when the first increase in class, when in 2000 he entered junior high school in california, which named California Junior High school, there is also a champion for the craft homework and also intelligence school, teacher admits that science is in the brain matt not at degan others, after 2006 he entered high school, which is located at the High school of New Jersey, there he entered the department of Citizenship Education, she really liked the lessons that relate an to the law, he also dreams aspirations wanted to be a SAGS, when in 2007 he continued his school to university los santos and continue to learn about the law, In 2009 he graduated from the university los santos and managed to take a Bachelor of Laws s2, he immediately saw SAGS form on the department's website and register himself to reach his goal.

11. WHY YOU WANT TO BE A GOVERNMENT OFFICER IN SAN ANDREAS? Because I want to meet their future goals I as an officer of government on duty to make the city of los santos increasingly neat, and I also want to serve the citizens of los santos are in desperate need of workers government, and I also want to serve people who want to make the plate the car so that no break them.

12. WHAT IS THE MISSION AND VISION ACCEPETED IF YOU INTO THE SAN ANDREAS GOVERMENT DEPARTMENT? First I would thank Mr. leader for accepting me as a workers government service, I would also be grateful for given the trust to serve the citizens of los santos, and I will perform my duties as a workers' government, and follow the rules that exist within the department sags, and I will also be honest, is responsible for what I do, and I will be governemnt officials are not corrupt.

Mission : Make the city of los santos more advanced than before and make the city of los santos more beautiful to look at, and making the streets los santos looks neat and avoid the congestion and parking haphazardly, and also make all vehicles in los santos follow traffic rules and wear plate.
Vision : Los Santos will look beautiful after street los santos aman from parked haphazardly, vehicles that do not have a plate, or congestion is so severe, so also for taxation los santos is not smooth going back smoothly if the workers government works well, sincere, and honest and also building required by the public buildings los santos will be built for beauty and future los santos los santos, and here I am Matt Harris will make all this a reality.
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Re: [Recruitment SAGS] Matt Harris

on Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:01 am
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